THE POWER OF DIGITAL: A Case Study Digital Labels

Witch Creek Winery uniquely named wines,

avant garde labels

Witch Creek wine label is a digital label by Fernqvist Labeling Solutions.

Dave Wodehouse is a man with a story to tell and he lets his wine and labels do the talking. The winery is named for Witch Creek, which runs near a vineyard east of Ramona, in San Diego County. On some special bottlings, Dave uses a humorous variation of a cat, which according to legend, is a witch’s closest companion.

Fernqvist and Witch Creek Winery have had a business relationship for years as Dave purchased the LX810 color label printer to make small runs of private labels. With the LX810 Witch Creek was on their way to making custom labels for their wines.

The LX810 worked fantastic for the smaller quantities of 50, 100 and even 200 but soon, as the grapes in the vineyard grew, so did the orders and Dave’s imagination.

Now Witch Creek Winery prints larger runs of labels — 1000 and up — on the digital Indigo press at Fernqvist Labeling Solutions. After a simple email of artwork of his humorous “cat” labels, the labels are soon printed, finished, and on their way to the bottling and tasting facility in Carlsbad. The wine is fantastic — the label arouses new customer purchases, which turn into profits — and goes with any kind of cheese!