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Ribbons for Thermal Transfer Printers

Fernqvist sells Thermal Transfer ribbons

Fernqvist offers three types of thermal transfer ribbon (TT ribbon) to accompany our Datamax, SATO and Zebra printers. TT ribbon allows great flexibility in label design, printing and choice of label material. All of our ribbons are specially formulated to run at lower temperatures, thereby extending the life of the thermal printhead. They produce images of superior quality with exceptional durability.

Ribbons are available in a variety of colors and some of our special ribbons include “near edge”.

Premium Wax

Our most popular and economic alternative is used primarily for paper labels.


Smudge-resistant. Great for outdoor, heat shrink-wrap, floodcoated, and high-gloss label printing.


UL and CSA approved labels require resin ribbon when printing on polyester labels. Also, use for the highest quality, durable film stock labels.

With Fernqvist, each ribbon
has a 100% guarantee!