Digital Labels

Sun-Ni Cheese reaps benefit with change from flexo to digital printing

Digital labels for Sun-Ni Cheese are deli food labels printed by Fernqvist Labeling Solutions.

Sun-Ni Cheese, a family owned and run manufacturing facility in Broomall, has been awarded the “Best of Philadelphia” recognition for their hummus. As a long time customer of Fernqvist, their signature labels were produced using flexography on synthetic material with 4-color process plus a spot color to maintain consistent color of large background areas.

With the purchase of the Indigo press — and in keeping with Fernqvist’s forward thinking paradigm of sharing any opportunity to suggest a “better way” — Fernqvist approached Sun-Ni Cheese with the prospect of producing their labels digitally. The higher resolution capabilities of this press removed the spot color requirement. In addition, a laminate was added for extra durability. Because no plates were required, shorter low-quantity runs of labels now made economical sense. This allowed for additional flavors or new products to be tested on the market in small quantities.

It is only fitting that the “ Best of Philadelphia” hummus should have the “Best of Fernqvist” label.