Digital Labels

SeaYu’s daring marketing shift

Stain Remover premium label for SeaYu.

SeaYu® Enterprises had a great product — an all natural, highly-effective, all-purpose odor eliminator perfect for the pet, home and automotive markets. Initial customer research told them that a single, multi-purpose product would be well received by the retailer and consumer. In reality, however, buyer behavior from the larger chain stores — all the way down to the smaller specialty stores — and consumers told them a different story. Rather than a general purpose product, buyers preferred to buy products that addressed specific odor problems over an all purpose product.

SeaYu created 15 unique odor elimination and cleaner products, each targeted to a specific audience and specific uses — such as a dog owner with a skunked dog or a cat owner with a litter box odor problem.

Packaging for so many products made conventional offset (with printing plates for each label) cost prohibitive, as well as limiting SeaYu’s ability to react quickly to customer feedback

SeaYu line of pruducys with digital labels printed by Fernqvist Labeling Solutions.The answer to this marketing/production problem was digital printing. SeaYu contacted Fernqvist Labeling Solutions and arranged to have all labels printed on Fernqvist’s HP Indigo digital offset press. The image quality and vibrant colors produced by the Indigo were perfect for SeaYu’s large colorful designs. And since the Indigo is capable of printing an actual press sample, SeaYu knew exactly what to expect when the final labels shipped. The end result for SeaYu was packaging that met their high quality standards and the needs of their retailers and consumers.