Digital Labels

Organic Essence labels shine

Metalic colors achieved cost-effectively.

Organic Essence had an established product line and a label look-and-feel that was quite distictive and recognizable. The challenge presented to Fernqvist was to maintain the look but offer a more cost-effective production than hot stamping in metallic gold, silver, bronze, or other colored foils.

Fernqvist took advantage of the Indigo press’s exacting registration. Printing on silver foil with an undercoat of white in specific areas and none in other areas, Fernqvist was able to create a full range of metallic colors using four-color digital printing. The resulting high quality label cost much less than the metallic foil stamping process.

quote_bckThe output quality exceeded my expectations of metallic color and label feel. This printing method allows unlimited metallic colors, not just two or three per label.

Quick turnaround and flexible run size make digital an excellent choice for prototyping, as well as ‘need it yesterday’ production.quote_bck
— Ellery West President,
Organic Essence

Lotion to Go product label by Fernqvist Labeling Solutions