CUSTOM LABEL GUIDES: Fernqvist Guide to Custom Label Material/Stock

Label Material

Most popular options

Listed below are our most popular label stock options for paper and film. If you require other materials to accomplish your creative vision, please do not hesitate toemail, call 800-426-8215, or contact a Fernqvist sales representative to disuss your project. We will work with you to achieve your custom label goal.

Custom Paper Labels

SEMI GLOSS (SG) LABELS — permanent adhesive: Economical, attractive, multi-purpose material ideal for digital printing when only a moderate gloss is desired.

SEMI GLOSS (SG) LABELS — freezer: Need a label to stand up to freezer conditions? The label is to be applied at greater than 32 degrees farenheit. When the product is then frozen, it will not fall off.

HIGH GLOSS (HG) LABELS: Attractive, extra glossy, multi-purpose material ideal for digital printing.

Custom Film/Poly Labels

BOPP/POLY LYTE LABELS: Economical, water-resistant, durable, film material used when the environment requires more than a paper label can deliver.