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Thermal Solutions For Overprinting

Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Markem and Videojet Flexible Packaging Codersflex_pkg2

Are you currently using a Thermal Transfer Coder for applying overprint data such as date codes, lot #’s, price codes and barcodes? Fernqvist is excited to now offer Thermal Transfer Ribbons for your flexible packaging coders.

You now have another resource for high quality thermal transfer ribbons. One that maximizes efficiency and lowers operating costs for significant savings. Our ribbons deliver reliable, high-speed performance in a variety of colors and sizes. Available in both Near Edge Wax/Resin for Standard durability and Near Edge Resin for Maximum durability in high and low temperatures.

Can be used in a variety of applications:

• Pharmaceuticalsflex_pkg3

• Nutraceuticals

• Produce

• Candy

• Cheese Packages

• Coffee

• Chip Packages

• Plants

• Clothing

• Tablets

• Sandwiches

OEM Compatibility

Our ribbons are available in customized sizes to maximize ribbon usage on the following printers:

• Markem® SmartDate® 2 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series

• Markem® 8018 (18 Series)

• VideoJet® DataFlex® Plus

• Norwood® Jaguar Series

• Linx TT5 &TT10

• Zodiac/ICE


Ribbons Compatible with the following printing environments:

• Normal (Dry, Ambient Temperature)

• Cold (

• Hot (>100 degrees Fahrenheit, boiling, hot fill)

All Ribbons are made in the USA, and each Fernqvist ribbon
has a 100% guarantee!