THE POWER OF DIGITAL: Fernqvist Label Printing Capabilities

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digital label printing

Digital label exmples by Fernqvist Labeling Solutions

Digital Printing makes the most sense for short-to medium runs of high-quality labels. There are no plates, thus no plate charges. Pricing and turnaround are both optimum at quantities up to 50,000 labels. Turnaround can be in as little as one day. Many industries such as Specialty Food, Wine and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Nutraceutical and more seek digital printing for these reasons plus the capability of the Indigo to vary information by label. You can change graphics, bar code, text, part number and addresses on the fly with the Indigo press. Do you have several different products? You can change the product name, photo, bar code, and product number easily, affordably and get your labels quickly.

The bottom line is Fernqvist’s digital press can get your products to the marketplace weeks faster, targeted specifically to your market and beautifully printed.

Fernqvist label gallery of digital labels for food and wine industry, health industry, and consumer products industry.